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Good Plugin, very helpful

by vinmad

28 October 2023

I chose this plugin from many similar plugins, this is the better, for support and development.

Delivers as advertised!

by InfoBahn

28 October 2023

Love the plugin, integrates in the most natural way, just makes you feel like as if its WC core feature! Make sure you click the DISABLE on the left to see some magic.

Solid and to the point

by Micemade

28 October 2023

Great set of options in the free version, enough for most cases, but the pro version will cover just any scenario, as it seems. The plugin does the job without the flaw.

Exactly what I was looking for

by melebius

28 October 2023

I tried several plugins before finding this but they all were missing something… However, this one does all the things I was looking for: to limit the maximum price when Cash on delivery is available and especially to support both free local pickup and paid postal COD service. All that with just one plugin with one easy configuration page!

Exactly what i needed

by hushquarter

15 December 2020

Does the job perfectly.

Perfect Plugin

by emood

3 August 2020

Thank you! unique job!!

Excellent plugin

by fotisps

17 July 2020

It does exactly what is promises! Very handy for any type of user.

Great Plugin

by dalaldhairya

12 May 2020

Thanks for creating such an awesome plugin!

Great plugin!

by v234

24 April 2020

Great plugin! Works as advertised!

wonderful plugin!

by cigno76

18 April 2020

simple and intuitive plugin, well done. Recommended.

Essential tool!

by Nikos Kavvadas

17 April 2020

It really helped us with COD management! Thank you!

Excellent & Easy

by geokantze

12 December 2019

It does the job! In a few minutes I setted where COD should be shown and with an extra fee. Thank you!

Easy to use

by Dexter800

28 October 2019

It works very well, as aspected.

Super !!!

by solgaz

5 May 2019

То что нужно для специальных условий вариативного товара! Спасибо автору за труд!

Great plugin!

by ArchimidisM (akisthemes.com)

18 April 2019

This is a great plugin from a great developer. Kudos!

Amazing Plugin

by nadeembuilds

20 March 2019

Really helpful.


by Giannis Karas

4 March 2019

The easiest and safest way to add cod fees.

Very Nice Plug in

by devuser34

23 February 2019

Well done, one question, is it possible to make COD free for specifics product categories? Now you can disable the cod but i need to be free for some product categories. Thank you.


by Dimis99

23 December 2018

Great plugin with almost any combination of restrictions/rules you can imagine. Easy to use and set up, runs fast without any problems! A great THANK YOU to the dveloper!!!


by isaakgeo

5 November 2018

Covers all possible cases related to cod!

Great Plugin! Works flawlessly

by nadine7486

1 November 2018

Thank you for this great plugin. Never had a problem with it and I really need it for my site cause COD is essential!

Flawless plugin!

by moemauphie

28 October 2018

You can allocate COD to every possible scenario you can think of. It’s one of the best plugins I have ever worked with. So clean and neat.


by Omri Galili

19 October 2018


just perfect!

by karadimos

19 July 2018

just perfect!

Thank you for your work

by vietpp

15 July 2018

Great plugin, it really save my job ^^

Amazing plugin!

by groky

10 April 2018

This is an amazing plugin that helps you to offer different fees for every shipping method under conditions. This one did my work and i am happy that people think smart to create such plugin. Support also is great. Wish you the best and …keep coding smart! 😉

Best support from the author

by amirnaik

18 March 2018

This plugin has multiple option to set COD and the support from he author to solve the issues is great. Very dedicated author to solve the plugin user’s problem I must say. This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by amirnaik.

Great support!

by ortoteka

13 March 2018

Five-star support from the author!

Fantastic COD module

by simonattilahun

19 February 2018

COD module works smoothly with WooCommerce. Great support in case of problems. Hoghly appreciated.

Very powerful plugin

by tiesgr

31 January 2018

Congrats for this plugin. It does what is says and if not there is always the creator to support as soon as possible. 5 stars from me.

Super Plugin

by Perils

25 January 2018

Woocommerce Smart Code is the only plugin that permits to specify COD extra fee based on different shipping methods of the same tipology (for example similar Flat rate). Super Support!

Great Plugin, Awesome Support

by francisguarderas

11 December 2017

Amazing plugin, works far better than all the current alternative. Support is greatly, they have been very helpful with every issue. Highly recommended!

Very good plugin with excellent support

by antoniskonst

28 November 2017

Very fast and solid support.

Very complete and flexible plugin for handling COD. Support very responsive and helpful!

Best cod plugin with excellent support

by steveklt

8 November 2017

This is the best plugin available for custom fee cod scenarios. The support is excellent and fast. It saved me a lot of time. Keep up the good work!

Great plugin and support

by Tomasz Lisek

8 November 2017

The plugin is excellent

The best out there

by phantolino

26 October 2017

The best plugin out there to add this very basic option in WooCommerce. Pretty flexible too. The only problem i have is a small bug in the checkout summary page that will hopefully be fixed 🙂 . This topic was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by phantolino.

Awesome support!!

by Atoupro

11 October 2017

Exactly the plugin I was looking for. The support is very reactive. Perfect!

Awesome Plugin

by saharsh14

28 August 2017

Awesome Support and great plugin

Nice job

by mariods

9 August 2017

Excellent work and nice support. The plugin is perfect. Thanks for your support

Awesome plugin & Support

by divijc

29 July 2017

Awesome plugin & Support

Super plugin and super support

by albert0346

6 July 2017

It has solved the complicated structure of having only for specific countries COD costs and in addition to this different costs. Stratos, the plugin creator, answered very fast and professionally to all my questions. Very great support! 🙂 Albert

It works out of the box!

by xpanderious

28 June 2017

Nice work, plug and play..

Perfect Job

by leonniko8

28 June 2017

This is very nice plugin. It is very useful. It solves much time for my work.

Features videos

Risk free COD

Extra fees


Order-pay page with extra fees

Current stable version

Stable version 1.6.4
Release date 24/04/2024

The plugin

A dive into history | the free version

We created the free version of WooCommerce Smart COD back on 2017! We tried to cover the need to restrict (either disable or enable) cash on delivery payment method, based on multiple factors e.g: customer's selected shipping method, customer's shipping zone, cart amount, product categories of products in cart, products in cart and many other.

The other basic feature of the free version was the capability to add a basic extra fee, and in addition to that, extra fees based on country, shipping zone, shipping method, and shipping method of shipping zone.

In a short period of time, the plugin gained popularity and won the trust of the WooComerce community. Nowadays it's the most popular WooCommerce plugin to manage Cash on delivery and we are really grateful for this.

The free version has only five star ratings (40), more than 90 support requests resolved and an active user count of 15000 and more happy WooCommerce users :)

smart cod ratings

5 star ratings

smart cod active installations

Active installations

smart cod support

5 star support

Back to present | PRO version

But the time has passed and the need for a highly professional WooCommerce COD plugin has come.

Our pro version features a long set of much anticipated features, that came directly from our community and our support forums, to cover the needs for a successful professional WooCommerce store, such as:

Features summary

Risk free cod

A much anticipated feature, giving you the capability to charge an advance amount, in order to secure the cash on delivery payment, and avoid fake orders and bad customers. You can collect the advance amount in any other payment gateway of your shop and disable it on payment gateways you don't want to use, since our PRO plugin gives you the capability to enable/disable it per payment gateway. (e.g allow risk free cod payment only through PayPal).

You can also restrict the risk free cod feature, by creating a restriction set, which consists of combinations of restrictions, such as: only for a specific cart range, only for specific customers, only for specific countries, only for specific shipping methods / shipping zones, only for specific postals, and many other factors combined. You can setup multiple risk free cod rules with different restriction sets. You can check the full list here.

The advance payment can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the customer's cart

Unlimited rulesets for extra fees

On our pro version, you can define as many extra fee rules as you need, to cover different scenarios of charging your customer

This is achieved by creating a restriction set, which consists of combinations of restrictions, such as: only for a specific cart range, only for specific customers, only for specific countries, only for specific shipping methods / shipping zones, only for specific postals, and many other factors combined. You can setup multiple extra free rules with different restriction sets. You can check the full list here.

Updateable order with extra fees, after failed order

Also another much anticipated feature. From now on if a customer has a failed order in any other payment method, goes through order-pay page and select COD as payment method, the extra fees are going to be applied as expected. This solves a WooCommerce limitation on order-pay page, for the first time on WooCommerce community! Enjoy :)

New restrictions

New restriction options are now available, in order to restrict cash on delivery, cod fees or risk free cod! The new restrictions are:

  • Based on registered customers
  • Based on customer email list
  • Based on customer phone list
  • Based on cart amount range
  • Based on cart quantity range
  • On backorders
  • On coupons
  • Based on stock levels

You can check the full list here

Upload bulk restrictions with CSV

You can now upload a CSV with restrictions, on zip codes, customer phones and customer emails fields!

Hide/show fee on Cart

You can now show/hide the extra fee from the cart page!

The professional choice for managing Cash on Delivery on WooCommerce