WooCommerce Smart COD PRO – Your favourite, 5 star rated, WooCommerce COD plugin, now enhanced with a ton of new features!


User Bundle


Our lightweight but still powerful bundle!

  • All features
  • One year of support
  • One year of updates
  • One site

Dynamic Bundle


Our dynamic bundle! Suitable for multiple store administrators!

  • All features
  • One year of support
  • One year of updates
  • 10 sites
  • Access to all future features

Ultimate Bundle


Our ultimate bundle! Suitable for engineers, agencies and software houses!

  • All features
  • One year of support
  • One year of updates
  • 30 sites
  • Access to all future features
  • Early access to all future features
  • Private ticket support system

* If you choose to buy without subscription, you will be entitled to receive plugin updates and support for one (1) year.

After one year passes, you will still be able to use the plugin with your current Smart COD PRO settings.

When one year passes, you have to manually renew your account. If you fail to do so or you decide you don't want to renew, you won't be able to change any of your Smart COD PRO settings, to get new updates of the plugin or to get support.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed — 14-day refund policy Check out our refund policy

Frequently asked questions

Is smart cod pro secure?

100% secure! Even our free version has a 0% risk according to coderisk

Is my payment secure?

Your payment experience is 100% secure, with the stamp of PayPal! We don't hold any of your card details, all the transactions are conducted on PayPal.

How can I download the plugin?

After successful payment, you will receive a download link on order received page! You will also receive an email with the download link and you can check your available downloads anytime, on "My Account" page!

Do you support refunds?

Yes we do! We guarantee 100% satisfaction with 14-day refund policy! If our plugin does not delivers what it promises, you get 100% of your money back! Have a look at our refund policy!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can easily cancel your subscription, with one click, by visiting "my account"!

How do I install WooCommerce Smart COD PRO?

WooCommerce Smart COD PRO installation is extremely easy! Just upload the plugin and activate it! Check the full instructions!

Will I be able to use the plugin when 1 year passes?

Your current plugin settings and checkout will continue to work flawlessly, but you won't be able to change any Smart COD PRO settings, get plugin updates or support.

Is it a good idea to use an outdated version of your plugin?

No it's not. Please keep in mind that WooCommerce is frequently getting updated, so our plugin in order to maintain compatibility. If you use an outdated version of our plugin there is no warrantee it will be compatible with newer WooCommerce versions.

Will I get support?

Absolutely! We are already established as a great plugin support provider, even on our free version! Be rest assured that we will going to address any issue you may face!

Can I use smart cod pro on client sites?

Absolutely! User bundle provides 1 site, dynamic bundle 10 sites and ultimate 30!

How can I check my subscription status?

By visiting "My Account / Subscription" panel!

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

Yes you can! By contacting us directly!

Will I continue get charged if I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely not. If you cancel your subscription, you will not get charged for your next billing cycle. Your current billing cycle is already purchased!

Who can use smart cod pro?

Anyone who wants to restrict cash on delivery with a huge variety of options. Also anyone who wants to add extra fees on cash on delivery options, or to secure cash on delivery with risk free cod, by adding an advance amount!

Which payment methods do you support?

We currently support payments through PayPal and by any credit/debit card (also secured by PayPal)!

Will smart cod pro slow down my site?

Absolutely not! Our plugin is built with WordPress best practices! Performance is our top priority!